Studio Recording

Studios have been, are, and will be the inception of many great records. I love being in studio, especially with talents and great songs from you.

If you have a studio booked, I’ll contact the studio to make the session preparation and necessary planning.

If you are not sure which studio to use, based on your budget I’ll make suggestions and also can make a reservation if you prefer.

I recommend musicians to go to studios. studio_c_live

Why? They have millions of dollars worth of equipment. That’s great. Though what the most important thing I believe is people and vibe. You being in your room just by yourself and make music, can be great. But with other talents joining the production can make it even greater!

Going to comercial studio pumps up your heart, excited to make music.

I’ve seen things that is not possible in a living room happen in studios.

Well, great sounding equipment is definitely a plus, of course.


 Live Recording

Do you have a show coming up? Wanna release a live album?

How about your recent Kickstarter project that you set one of awards to be a free download of the live album?

In format of your choice, in mono, stereo, surround, or multi-track I will come to the venue you’ll be performing and record the performance.

I can work with the house engineer to get the best result.

If you need a sound engineer to run the show, check out Live Sound page.


 Home Recording


Although I strongly recommend you going to commercial studios to get your music recorded (please check Recording: Studio page, I explain the benefit.), I understand the budget situation that all of us struggle daily.

Well, there are several benefit to record home, too.

  • It’s your home we are talking about, where you feel most comfortable.
    • Getting comfy is the key to get the best performance/recording!
  • You are already paying monthly rent so no need to worry about hourly charge for long session.
    • Never know when the inspiration comes in. Booking extra time in studios cost…. a lot.
  • No need to worry about getting back home. You are already… there.
    • I do, but that’s me so no worries.

I will travel to requested space and help you get the best out of what you have, in your living room, garage, and such. I can work on equipments you own/rented/borrowed, or I will bring in my recording rig.

If you prefer running the session by yourself, have me to assist you learn from the experience, please refer to Learn page.

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