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You may ask,

why do I need a mixing engineer?

I can mix myself. What difference will it make?

No objection, you can mix yourself.

Though, here’s my theory.

Mixing is like the interior design. You move in to a new house, get furniture, lighting, carpet and such of your choice. Next is to place them in the room. You can do this process by yourself, but leaving it to a professional can take best out of what you got, placing them to where they belong to. Even if you are good at interior design, having other perspective can bring it to the next level.

What’s my sound? It all depends on you, artist.

I try to emphasize how you sound in a way you want to sound.


Though if I have to pick one, my strength is in the POP vocals. “POPular” in any era.

Beatles to Sinatra to Zeppelin to Nirvana to MJ to Aretha to Ella Fitzgerald to P!nk to U2 to Beyonce to Jay-Z to D’Angelo to Mariah to Alicia to Britney to Justin to….. I consider them as “POP” artists, in different genre.

Any of these POP music in different era are special to me and I feel honer to listen, analyze, tweak your sound as one of these, but custom-made to your taste.



ST Mixing

Mixing Workflow

I start with listening and analyzing your rough mix.

Any request/notes from you, the artist, and reference tracks will be analyzed here as well.

I’ll be listening to what speaks to me the most in the song. 

I take most value in the vocal melody, but also lyrics, guitar riff, drums dynamics and such.
From there, I start fine tuning the “main” element in the mix, and constructing other parts around it.

The tracks then will be tweaked individually then blended all together.
This is the most time consuming work yet the most creative/artistic process.
Once the mix is complete, mp3 file will be uploaded to the server for you to check.

Please take as many days to listen to the mix in different environments. (your room, car, friends house, iPod on a train, etc.)

Based on your revision note, I’ll make the changes.
From this point, you can virtually sit in in the session using a video chat program. (Skype, FaceTime, Google talk, etc)

I will be broadcasting the session using application called NiceCast so you can hear the mix in relatively good quality in real-time to make decisions.

Once you are happy with the mix, I’ll deliver the final WAV in the format you prefer.

File will be downloadable from designated space on the Capumo Studio server.



Mixing Base Rate


Why can’t I find basic “mixing fee” on google? Nobody list their price! 

That’s because mixing rate varies, depending on the label you are associated with, size of the project, on and on and on.

Some A-list mixers may charge $$$$$ for top major label artists, while start-up mixers work for $ with also start-up artists.

Me? Feel free to contact, tell me about your project. I’ll send you an initial quote and we can discuss from there.

Low budget? No problem, let me know the details! 

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