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What is mastering?

Mastering is a bridge between creative part and business part of music making.

1. Creative Side

You record/mix the song. You spent time to make it sounds best it can be. Now it’s time for your fan to hear that. It’s sounding great but does that translate to other playback devices? Is low end taken care well enough to fit the consumer systems to playback without distortion? Are all drum hits and vocal shouts taken care well enough dynamically so it doesn’t pierce out and damage the system?

In first half of the mastering process, using equalizer, compressor, and any other devices to enhance the sound while maintaining possible errors on different situation.

2. Business Side

When releasing an album or an EP, tweaking the gap (silence) between songs determines the speed of the record. If it’s a live album, you don’t wanna lose the continuous feel so keep the gaps minimum. If you are moving from a powerful rock song to sensitive ballad, you may wanna give it an extra space for listener to prepare.

If you are pressing the record onto CD, you want to keep the error rate on duplication process minimum. (CD replication/duplication of not properly mastered material may cause several defective discs.) Also, song files need to be converted to right format to avoid possible sound quality decrease.

All these included, I’ll make sure to polish your record for its final departure to your fans.

Feel free to contact, for a quotation.



Mastering Base Rate

Following rates are “base” rate, means these are negotiable.

I work with your budget, depending on size of the project, etc.

Basic idea is, more I work with you, cheaper each portion gets.


  • 1-3 songs = $100/song
  • 4-7 songs = $90/song
  • 8-12 songs = $80/song
  • 12-17 songs = $70/song
  • 17+ may considered as two separate projects, please contact.


Please use Contact form to send your budget, number of songs, etc.

I’ll try to get back to you within 24hours.


If you project is urgent, please mention so I’ll try to get back sooner.

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