How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?


Try this How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? listening test.

Uncompressed audio VS compressed. Discussion everywhere nowadays.
The problem is indeed the fact that you cannot hear the big difference.
Then what. Give up and just use cheaper stuff?

I’m against the solution of not trying aka “you don’t need to hear high quality because you can’t hear the difference”

It’s like saying “let’s distroy the sunflower of Van Gogh because you can’t tell the difference between the real one and prints.” Or “let’s not bother owning Shoji Hamada’s plate because you can buy similar one at IKEA.”

Would you be ashamed if you can’t see the difference between real painting and digital prints?
Would you be ashamed if you can’t hear the difference between wav and mp3?

My mentor and father Noriyasu Tsuchiya wrote once on his blog, that 3D printed items don’t have “feel” and “soul” to it. I think same can be said about music.

Music is a form of art. It’s not just bytes.
I don’t know about others, you may say “I don’t care about quality, cheaper’s better” then mp3 suit your need. But I wanna remain a humanbeing who cares about art, who knows the real “good” or “beauty” or whatever you call, who study and educate himself to understand and appreciate the best.

It’s not whether you can hear or not, it’s whether you try to hear or not.

Side note; if you try to hear, you’ll discover more. About music. Thoughts put into it by artists, for example.




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